Oct 13, 2008

Mighty Guests enthrall PGPX 3

Well, well, well....in term 3 we have been having a "Who's who" of industry visiting us and delivering amazing lectures.

Yesterday we had, Dr. Krish Chilukuri of Goodrich talking about the complexities of B2B marketing. It was a superb insight in what strategy means, what it means to get various ingredients like customer focus, costing and employee culture together in the area of highest technology in the world.

Today we had, Mr. Arun Maira of Boston Consulting Group addressing us on the contentious issue of Capitalism. His insights on how to popularize Capitalism by transforming it into a people movement was amazing. His passion towards this movement was touching and the questions he posed at the end of the address will remain with us for many years to come....

- Siddharth

2 thumbs down to Hindi movie horrors

In this running around behind a million assignments and reports, I took out 5 minutes to see a relatively old Hindi song where the hero and the heroine disguise themselves and sing the final song of the movie in the middle of the villain's den....but the villain does not recognize them...the entire audience does but the villain who has built his empire of smuggled diamonds cannot recognize them....

who do these directors think we are? this is insulting audience intelligence at the highest level...


Oct 4, 2008

3 Cheers to Hindi Social Melodrama!

I was seeing Saaheb, an old Indian movie starring Utpal Dutt, Anil Kapoor, Raakhi Gulzaar and others. I had seen it many years ago when I was in school. This is a typical family melodrama with a joint family on the verge of break up.

This revisit to this movie probably 16-18 years later just made me realize some things that made such movies great viewing. I saw a small piece where Anil Kapoor fails in his exam and he returns home depressed late in the evening. Utpal Dutt, his father is waiting – I expected a shouting scene where the father goes on saying things that he should not.

Instead, the scene was so sensitive and delicate that I almost choked. The scene was a mature dialogue portraying a worried father communicating his worry and apprehension to a responsible but intellectually weak son. Some movies should be rated as “Can be seen by U but understood by A”. A 12-year old can not understand this...no way.

It is astonishing to realize what these fantastic actors can do to a scene. Utpal Dutt talking 2 or 3 simple lines to Anil Kapoor was just amazing.

Three cheers to Hindi Social MeloDrama....!


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