Dec 1, 2008

Articles on Mumbai Attacks

Now that the Taj and Oberoi have been attacked one can expect some action from our very effective politicians. Hopefully, not with the same efficiency that was seen after Mumbai blasts, Ahmedabad blasts etc.
(Did you observe the "etc." there? Yes, per the standard rules of English, this usage is a valid and reasonable in this case. Soon we will be able to use it twice at the end "Blasts attacks etc. etc.")

Oh sorry, was just supposed to list down the articles,

Sadanand Dhume in WSJ
Rama Bijapurkar in ET
Jerry Rao in Indian Express

Will keep adding as I read them...

Nov 30, 2008

The charm of Status quo...

We love status quo, don't we?

As we see the chronology of events, there is a sense of deja-Vu dawning on us.

This in Mumbai, blasts in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bangalore....

Each incident followed by assurances. We will not bow down....we will tackle terror in strongest possible way....we will get back to them.

Then the call for the various boxing rings on various media channels who are really the epitome of reporting. They are fair no doubt...fair to the terrorists to whom they gave the live feeds...fair to shocked victims who came out of hotel yet the fair journalist poked his/her mic in his face...fair to the nation which has no clue which drain has swallowed its tax money. Oh yes they are fair!

Then amnesia strikes...ah the blessed moments at film fests, tech fests, and whichever fests....

Then another blast somewhere....

the chronology repeats...

deja vu...

Process maintained - status quo maintained.

Oct 13, 2008

Mighty Guests enthrall PGPX 3

Well, well, term 3 we have been having a "Who's who" of industry visiting us and delivering amazing lectures.

Yesterday we had, Dr. Krish Chilukuri of Goodrich talking about the complexities of B2B marketing. It was a superb insight in what strategy means, what it means to get various ingredients like customer focus, costing and employee culture together in the area of highest technology in the world.

Today we had, Mr. Arun Maira of Boston Consulting Group addressing us on the contentious issue of Capitalism. His insights on how to popularize Capitalism by transforming it into a people movement was amazing. His passion towards this movement was touching and the questions he posed at the end of the address will remain with us for many years to come....

- Siddharth

2 thumbs down to Hindi movie horrors

In this running around behind a million assignments and reports, I took out 5 minutes to see a relatively old Hindi song where the hero and the heroine disguise themselves and sing the final song of the movie in the middle of the villain's den....but the villain does not recognize them...the entire audience does but the villain who has built his empire of smuggled diamonds cannot recognize them....

who do these directors think we are? this is insulting audience intelligence at the highest level...


Oct 4, 2008

3 Cheers to Hindi Social Melodrama!

I was seeing Saaheb, an old Indian movie starring Utpal Dutt, Anil Kapoor, Raakhi Gulzaar and others. I had seen it many years ago when I was in school. This is a typical family melodrama with a joint family on the verge of break up.

This revisit to this movie probably 16-18 years later just made me realize some things that made such movies great viewing. I saw a small piece where Anil Kapoor fails in his exam and he returns home depressed late in the evening. Utpal Dutt, his father is waiting – I expected a shouting scene where the father goes on saying things that he should not.

Instead, the scene was so sensitive and delicate that I almost choked. The scene was a mature dialogue portraying a worried father communicating his worry and apprehension to a responsible but intellectually weak son. Some movies should be rated as “Can be seen by U but understood by A”. A 12-year old can not understand way.

It is astonishing to realize what these fantastic actors can do to a scene. Utpal Dutt talking 2 or 3 simple lines to Anil Kapoor was just amazing.

Three cheers to Hindi Social MeloDrama....!

Sep 22, 2008

Jerry Rao at IIM Ahmedabad - PGPX class is enthralled

You have to be here to realize what great teachers are made of.

" To understand the complexity of business, look at the people who run the show...look at what they have been ..." Thus started one of the best courses I have taken here at IIM Ahmedabad during PGPX.

Jerry Rao, ex-Citibanker and founder of the well known MPhasis BFL was here till the last week - not as one of the legends of Indian IT industry but as a teacher - and let me add a legendary teacher.

It is amazing to hear his point of view on many many things. The course was on perspectives and that was what we got. Truly amazing course. The books that we are reading for it at are great. I am overwhelmed listening to his truly fantastic views on some of the most celebrated companies and some not as celebrated ones.

The finest talk came when he spoke about himself, the Diaspora and how India and Indians are evolving....

- Siddharth

Sep 8, 2008

Term 3 at PGPX begins

The third terms been an amazing journey so far. Fantastic electives - fantastic faculty and a worldview of things. As we all see it the view is gaining altitude. We started with nitty-gritty in term 1(Official name was Building Blocks which it was).

Term 2 took us higher up. Expected us application and thought.

Term 3 has been whoa - we got to see what CEO's do. "Why" was the critical question so far. Why this? Why that? And in some cases "How".

But now all W's - why, when , where, what and of course how comes in. Scenario's become more and more complex. Quite amazing. It has been quite hectic but we are used to it now :)

Back to tomorrow's reading.

- Siddharth Garud

Jun 15, 2008

On to 2nd term

OK! It is a great feeling to complete the first term at the PGPX!

It is still sinking in that I am at IIMA! Did so many things that I never thought I could do! Presentations, analyses and so many things....

Well the 2nd term is picking up pace now. We had today a "WOW!!!!" class on MacroEconomics. Prof. Ravindra Dholakia just blew the class away with his views on Indian economic history. I never thought Economics could do be so amazing!!! This was not a lecture, it was an experience. We could see the RBI in action, the former Govts., the decision making as he walked us through the last 100 years.

Well other things are in motion. After the rigour of first term, I hope we are equipped for the rest of the year now.

More soon,

Mar 11, 2008

Kite Runner - Book Review

To be honest, I have not read many sensitive novels - but this one just blew me away.The book was simply amazing.

When I broke my leg and my wife gifted this to me, I started it only because people had given good reviews and it has been made into a movie. But characters, the setting, the vivid description of Kabul in the 70s, the description of man's desperation, how the secrets tumble out and the climax were simply fantastic.

Even if you are an insensitive sort of person, the minimum this book offers are 3-4 big lumps in your throat.

Fantastic, amazing and wonderful work by Khaled Hosseini.

Mar 5, 2008

Finally - Some sanity in Aussie media

Well well well....Do we finally have some sense dawning in the Aussie media? Seems to be so. Time will tell if I am hoping correctly or against hope.

Read this in the Herald Sun - Not a fan of shameful crowd behaviour

Till now, the only player they revered was Sachin - who I agree is the god of cricket - but then others were also carrying themselves very well. For example, the captain Dhoni - a man of immense stature. He seemed to carry the pressure amazingly well - the continuity from Kumble was almost perfect.

And our favourite player this season - the Aussie favourite Harbie? Lets give Symonds the benefit of doubt for the moment that he did not hear the racist term clearly.

(It is a different matter that he does not deserve one bit of that benefit. My Indianness makes me forget that he himself volunteered to be in the position; sticking up for ol' mate; saying to Harbie "You ain't got any mates in Australia'....and other such stuff. It is getting too much from my side, isn't it? ;)...)

Coming back to the point (that is, my senses) - What about the Aussie media. I have been following it a little bit during this series and, to be polite, it is partisan. To be blunt, I don't want to state what it was unlike Mr. ultra-polite Hayden.

The much hyped Peter Roebuck who was hailed as a neutral when he called the Aussies a "Pack of wild dogs" in his column - asked ICC to ban Bhajji to be banned for 5 years if found guilty of making those gestures! What about the much victimised Mr. Symonds? Hell, he knocked out a spectator and that too a drunk one! What about Mr. Hayden who called Bhajji a obnoxious something? So what if it was in jest? Did it occur to him to give the same benefit of doubt to Harbhajan?

Or is it too much to give the benefit of doubt to India which is emerging as a strong contender for the crown? But when it comes to such things Mr. Roebuck only remembers India's financial clout.

I smell smoke somewhere...

Feb 14, 2008

End of Oil - Review

I read this book written by Paul Roberts few days ago. It was so insightful. At least for me as a beginner in the knowledge of oil industry and the environment/climate issues, it seemed to be a perfect starting point.

So many things that it talked about, so many issues related to oil and our dependence on that. More than that the title itself makes you think...what after oil?!!

Sometimes it did stretch and delve into details but I guess it comes with the sort of passion that the author has written it.

For people who never think twice before filling up the gas tank and driving for pleasure or where there is an alternative, read this book.

Feb 11, 2008

Is it necessary to rant on a Monday morning?

I am in no mood to rant on a Monday morning but that is that. Thats all one can do after a lovely family weekend!

More so when India has beaten Australia at the MCG!



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