Jun 15, 2008

On to 2nd term

OK! It is a great feeling to complete the first term at the PGPX!

It is still sinking in that I am at IIMA! Did so many things that I never thought I could do! Presentations, analyses and so many things....

Well the 2nd term is picking up pace now. We had today a "WOW!!!!" class on MacroEconomics. Prof. Ravindra Dholakia just blew the class away with his views on Indian economic history. I never thought Economics could do be so amazing!!! This was not a lecture, it was an experience. We could see the RBI in action, the former Govts., the decision making as he walked us through the last 100 years.

Well other things are in motion. After the rigour of first term, I hope we are equipped for the rest of the year now.

More soon,

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