Jul 16, 2011

Mumbai...After the anger passes...

The Mumbai blast has further affirmed the cynicism and the exasperation we have all carried for so many years. What followed the blasts? This time the blasts were lower than the earlier ones, the emergency response was better considering the rains were there.

As has been in history, the Mumbaikars stood by each other. Help was made available from every neighbourhood. Heroic stories of students saving lives and so on....
For a change, the Government communicated well and in time with people through TV, radio...

What was same or worse as earlier?

Usual suspect 1 - Media. 
Tried to hype up everything. A smaller Hindi channel claimed 8 blasts! Someone said grossly understated...washout of evidence. What do you want from Police? Remember they are human-beings. As Narendra Shenoy put it well in his blog: "But the news networks made a pig's breakfast out the thing. They tried their level best to make it look like an enormous terror attack, and could hardly conceal their disappointment when it turned out it wasn't."

Usual Suspect 2 - Officials.
In less than an hour bickering started. Little children handle panic better. 

Usual Suspect 3 - We all.
What are we going to do after this? Show our desperation in email chains, online forums, blogs and then? Kya karoge? Bhool jaoge? Ya yaad rakhoge?

And remember, when we bolster Mumbai's defences, the remaining cities will be on radar of the terrorists. So it is something the entire nation has to worry about. And that does not happen by sulking, getting angry or finger pointing. A systematic change is made by first having the will to bring about that change.


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