May 22, 2014

India's competitiveness in broadband

Very interesting infographic here on broadband from

This site ranks India 134th on world index of broadband speeds. We are way way behind in when compared globally. While the rank is one thing, our speeds are abysmally low.

One data point that is not given is the penetration level. The answer will be no different. Our country is still grappling in providing electricity supply to all, so broadband is definitely a distant objective in the list of priorities.

As has been argued in several papers, the rise of internet as an important tool, especially for small and medium level businesses. While there continues to be a debate on whether their is a direct correlation between broadband penetration and GDP, I do not think there is any doubt on the importance of broadband per se.

In fact, for countries like India, broadband should be given priority right after electricity. 

Let's hope the new Government ushers in a broadband revolution as well :)


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