Oct 26, 2010

Telecom update and challenges thrown by internet

Check this article on GSMA MBB on developing world's nos. in terms of telecom lines.

Of about 6 billion people, 2 billion are yet to be connected. And overall 40% growth is still waiting to happen.
No wonder these countries are seeing phenomenal investments.

And now to something funny and scary at the same time. The power of free speech and the power that internet gives to thus emancipated speakers.

NY Times article on how internet is influencing tourists. Though for individuals it may be distressing, unmoderated comments on incidents that are best classified as "outliers" can wreak havoc on businesses.

How to control and manage? No argument here, businesses have to find way out and ensure correct image is portrayed. It is an additional load on their PR and corporate communications managers.

Oct 15, 2010

Our Rivers - Contempt and Compassion

Living in Northern suburbs of Mumbai, I happen to cross a river every day. I hear cries as I cross the bridge. The life of the river, the pure blood is poisoned. The soul of the river is killed each day bit by bit.

The friends of the river, the birds and animals who sometimes travel large distances to enjoy the water in hot summer day, no longer come. The black poisoned water is nothing but a health hazard to them. And so it is to us.

As humans we have displayed nothing but utter contempt for mother nature and its rich resources like trees and rivers. I paste here pictures of the Poisar river here, no wonder the river is now a sewer. And the story is no different about any river, anywhere in India (and may be outside). They are no inhospitable and uninhabitable thanks to our unrestricted flow of effluents and waste in them.

Such contempt over years has not benefited us or anyone. In fact we are poorer today. And if we don't do anything now, we are leaving a barren planet for our progeny.

Its a shame we cannot respect and love such a beautiful planet.

Oct 14, 2010

Blog Action Day - 15 Oct 2010 - Water

Change.org is arranging a blogactionday event for Water. Very interesting topic and very relevant. Have registered my blog and will be posting a blog on 15-OCt-2010.


Bloggers please note.

All folks - please support and try to create awareness on water.

Oct 10, 2010

Luv Kusa - Movie Review

Indian film industry is moving up the technical ladder and nothing makes it more evident than the animation movies. What started with Hanuman is now been taken up by other movies and Luv-Kusa is a welcome addition.

The movie about Lord Rama's son is impressive in using animation, music, creativity and yet sticking to the Grand Epic of Ramayana. With the focus on Luv Kusa, the movie also continues the original question that Ramayana asks about Rama - Was he right in asking Sita to leave?

The movie begins with Lakshman leaving Sita in the forest. Luv Kusa are born to her and they grow up as talented children. Especially mentionable is the Ramayana recited by the young princes to their father (they still don't know Rama is their father).

The final confrontation between the sons and father is also good though it could have been better. All in all, the movie is excellent and, we as the audience should encourage these movies by seeing more of them. And that was the sad thing today as there were only a few occupied seats in the theater today.

3.5 out of 5 stars for Luv Kusa.

Advent of Solar Power - New Series - Part 1

I have been writing about renewable energy for quite some time. After a hiatus, I come back with the same theme. Except that, now I am having a feeling that several politico-economic forces are now coming to a point where the relevance of solar energy is increasing and capturing a greater mindshare in people's minds.

First up, the recent attacks on fuel convoys in AfPak region have cause the American military to reduce reliance on fossil fuels : U.S. Military Orders Less Dependence on Fossil Fuels. US Defence has been a pioneer in so many inventions and innovations (computer to computer networking, light materials, non-stick coatings,...the list is endless) that it is impossible to ignore this as a speck in the landscape. This will prove to be a turning point.

In US again, California's struggle to improve the share of renewable energy sources to its energy hungry population is well known.

As European economies force their citizens to enter the difficult phase of austerity, there will be no choice but to either reduce energy consumption or reduce oil dependence. To ensure the wheels of economy turn whilst they cut down on the fiscal excesses, Governments are bound to prefer the latter. Hence the argument for renewables.

More in the next post. And this time, the post will come in a weeks time.


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