Oct 6, 2013

The backseat post

As the shadows moved ahead, Benedict really wanted to step out of the car. But as he thought of the next steps, he could not forget a ceramic figurine in the backseat of his car.

What should he do now?

Oct 5, 2013

Tom Clancy - Books and Movies

Tom Clancy, the blockbuster novelist, died a couple of days ago.

I have read quite a few of his books, enjoyed some, but got bored by most. However, when the same book is recreated on the big cinema screen, the results were thoroughly enjoyable.

I have loved every movie that was based on Clancy's book. Patriot Games, The Hunt for Red October, Sum of All Fears.... all of them.

I often thought that Clancy wrote with a focus on cinematic adaptation. There are also several PC games based on his books, I am sure they are a big hit in the world of gaming.

I think what is special about Clancy's books are the immense technical detailing in the plot. Unlike say Forsyth or Le Carre, Clancy gave details about the machines, guns, computer networks, algorithms and everything around that. This possibly was a great script for any movie.

I think we will all miss Clancy either for his books or for the movies or for the games. Rest in Peace.


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