Aug 22, 2010

Lafangey Parindey - Movie Review

Lafangey Parindey is a nice entertaining movie. It begins well and by midway you are immersed in it. The pace and the grip slackens in the second half. While the movie ends ok but I certainly missed a well-rounded climax.

Neil Nitin Mukesh is a kick-boxing champion and aspiring to be don Nandu. Pinky(Deepika) is a skate-dancer and aspiring to win a talent show. They are neighbours from same Mumbai locality.

Nandu is out with a local don on a hit, it goes wrong and they speed away. Pinky's world crashes when she is hit by a car and she is blinded. Nandu is on the wheel when he hits Pinky.The local don takes the blame for hit but cops sense someone else was there. Meanwhile, Nandu's guilt forces him to use his blindfolded fight skills in reviving the dancer within Pinky.

Such movies dont have great surprises in end, else they wont work in India.The movie is nice but the end left me a little disappointed. It could have been better. While Neil and Deepika are good, the supporting cast is great. The music is good.

All in all decent one time watch. A pukka Hindi masala movie.

Aug 15, 2010

Make-believe Worldclass...

Nothing new in this post.

Same old rant....Mumbai will compete with Shanghai in few years? Well...with this infrastructure, may be that is a plan for the next millenia.

At the moment, it takes 2 hours to cross 15 kilometres. So the roads are so great, they bring your vehicle speed to 7.5km/hr.

So in which time are we? Even bullock carts or horse carts 500 years ago had better speed. Oh but they did not have potholes then. I keep forgetting the ease of life then....


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