Sep 22, 2008

Jerry Rao at IIM Ahmedabad - PGPX class is enthralled

You have to be here to realize what great teachers are made of.

" To understand the complexity of business, look at the people who run the show...look at what they have been ..." Thus started one of the best courses I have taken here at IIM Ahmedabad during PGPX.

Jerry Rao, ex-Citibanker and founder of the well known MPhasis BFL was here till the last week - not as one of the legends of Indian IT industry but as a teacher - and let me add a legendary teacher.

It is amazing to hear his point of view on many many things. The course was on perspectives and that was what we got. Truly amazing course. The books that we are reading for it at are great. I am overwhelmed listening to his truly fantastic views on some of the most celebrated companies and some not as celebrated ones.

The finest talk came when he spoke about himself, the Diaspora and how India and Indians are evolving....

- Siddharth

Sep 8, 2008

Term 3 at PGPX begins

The third terms been an amazing journey so far. Fantastic electives - fantastic faculty and a worldview of things. As we all see it the view is gaining altitude. We started with nitty-gritty in term 1(Official name was Building Blocks which it was).

Term 2 took us higher up. Expected us application and thought.

Term 3 has been whoa - we got to see what CEO's do. "Why" was the critical question so far. Why this? Why that? And in some cases "How".

But now all W's - why, when , where, what and of course how comes in. Scenario's become more and more complex. Quite amazing. It has been quite hectic but we are used to it now :)

Back to tomorrow's reading.

- Siddharth Garud


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