Oct 2, 2016

M S Dhoni - An Untold Story is a wonderfully told story of Mahi!

Sometimes a simple linear story line is the best way to tell a story. Simple stories are best told in simple ways.

M S Dhoni - An Untold Story is such a simple tale. Neeraj Pandey has created a great movie on one of the greatest sportsperson of India. Great, not because he was talented. That he is. But great because he had the strength to choose cricket despite the pressures of having a normal life. Great, because he aspired to achieve something beyond what he could have settled for.

This is also a story of India, an India that has been waiting to display its talent and grit. Its determination. 

The story begins with Mahi being discovered by the school sports coach. Mahi's family, as with millions of Indian families, is trying to provide the best education possible to him. Theirs is a simple hope, that Mahi grows up to be someone who is able to reach beyond where his father could. Even when Mahi pushes his luck by taking risks in examinations, he ensures that his family is taken in confidence and the trust is shown to grow stronger.

He has his share of supporters in the school coach, the local sports shop owner, his friends and so on. 
His stint at Railways is fascinating. The initial hope and the later feeling of being trapped is something that is shown well.

While there is not too much of exploration of his thought process, there are hints given. I find it perfectly understandable that a 3 hour movie cannot delve into every little detail. And Indian cinema viewers would like to know as much about M.S. in these three hours as possible. 

A couple of scenes are very poignant. I did feel these scenes gave an insight into what the cold-blooded thinker M.S. is made of.

And yes, there are some lovely light moments that make you chuckle if not laugh.

All in all, the film is a great biopic. One that should be seen with our next generation. One that tells us how much sweat, blood and thought goes in achieving success.

This movie belongs to Sushant Singh Rajput. He has put everything to make this look good. And it does look very good! 

We all know Mahendra Singh Dhoni very well. I bought a new TV in 2007 and MSD won the T20 World Cup for us. These stories are common in India. We are proud of him for giving us unexpected victories and we also criticize him for prolonging victory at times or dropping veterans at times. India has a special place in its heart for MSD. We remember him for leading India to two World Cup victories!

To create his character and to make people relive all those moments is a monumental task. Sushant Singh Rajput has delivered his performance flawlessly. The famous helicopter shot is an example. Even good cricketers cannot play that... Sushant does play it beautifully. 

And as earlier, Neeraj Pandey's direction gets full marks. To create any sports scene in movies is not easy. To create so many of them deserves credit! Anupam Kher, Bhumika, Kumud Mishra and others are good in supporting roles.

One more observation, this movie reminds me of Forrest Gump for its use of computer graphics to insert the actor's face in real clips from history! Well Done!

Go watch the movie in the nearest cinema hall with your family!


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