Feb 6, 2012

(1) Space Commercialization & (2) Financial Education

Two links which I feel like sharing:

1. First is the near (or not so near) future for mankind. Space commercialization! Business Insider is running an article on it here.

Some interesting facts from the article:
a. Man may get his first trillionaire.
b. The cost of fuel as a percentage of a space flight is only 1%. The bulk of the cost is labor.
c. Read the points about "Ownership of space" and that is the point you may find things interesting or well, interesting :D

2. More serious stuff. Prof. Jayanth Varma has written one of the finest papers on financial teaching by management institutes. The reasoning with that of how markets and prices behave during and around crises is worth reading.

Here is the link to Vikalpa and his paper in it.It is a exhaustive paper, so keep some time for reading the same.


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