Jul 26, 2009

How to add 3rd column to your blog ?

Just added a third column to my blog. Was quite simple.
Thanks to the following article http://blogging.nitecruzr.net/2007/09/making-3-column-template.html

Drop in a line if you like or don't like the new look.

Jul 24, 2009

Nortel Wireless Auction

Nortel's wireless business goes under hammer today. Wireless folks like me are interested to see who wins this one. Wireless is one of Nortel's profit making business.

Nokia Siemens is interested in making a big bang entry into North American markets. Ericsson is also interested in improving its presence in NA markets.

What is sad is the fact that a company that was Canada's pride once has to go this way. One wonders if it was possible to bailout Nortel or was it not worth the effort.

You can check a lot of details on http://www.allaboutnortel.com/ or Globe and Mail of Canada.

Jul 22, 2009

Hot, Humid and Horrible - Delhi 6/7/8/9...

About 2.5 months in Delhi, I am still looking at the skies. I am missing my MONSOON!

We folks from Mumbai have a habit of clouds pouring rains. In Delhi however, the clouds are more playful. They play hide and seek a lot. Of course they are also
extremely conscious about stealing the thunder away from the mighty Sun.

So, being as polite as they are, they prefer to come together, make people feel that it is going to rain and then disappear.

By the way, the weather forecast accuracy is at its best. Whenever forecast says it is going to rain, it becomes very cloudy and humid.

What? You say how is it accurate?....Well earlier when rains were forecast it used to be sunny. So, statistically speaking, it is 50% improvement over earlier forecasts.

More on Delhi soon...

Jul 21, 2009

Lords of the Ashes (for the time being, at least)

Oh yeah! Now the Aussie media is disappointed with the umpiring at Ashes. Sure they would be disappointed because Koertzen was not Benson and Doctrove was not trained by Bucknor.

Remember how Benson relied on Ponting deciding on his behalf back when India visited Australia - what's so different when Koertzen decides by himself and does not rely on 3rd umpire...or Strauss for the matter of equivalence.

Of course, if it had not been for Rudi and Billy, Aussies would have one by an innings and 700 runs, so fine was their performance.

Flintoff, Collingwood, Anderson, Broad were just there admiring the Lords and the press box. They never did anything worthwhile in the last 5 days.

Aussie team's prime strategists forget how things change once in a while. Accept that your team is not the same without Gilly, McGrath and Warne.

Ones own medicine does taste bitter sometimes, right mate?

Here are some of the links to Oz media



Jul 7, 2009

Wireless Economics Primer

Business Standard ran a very interesting article on "Spectral allocation policy". The author has given findings from a report which concludes that a great density of operators actually brings down welfare in terms of consumer surplus.

As technologists (my previous avatar in industry), we tend to forget this aspect of technology. Some questions that we need to pose to ourselves when we run behind the best, most-efficient and finest gadget should be,
(1) What is the objective of technology?
(2) Do we really need the best of the best technology? Or can we manage well with mature technology?
(3) Remember our context of a developing nation which still does not have additional money for such spending.

The point is that technology will change by Moore's law, but do we really need to pursue the best? With the large market size, we can force suppliers to continue supporting somewhat mature technology.

While mature technology may not be the most efficient, don't forget it is the cheapest and most cost effective. This is interesting. For me, this is economics refresher. Time to hit back to Microeconomics by Michael Baye and to get to the report that Shyam Ponappa refers to.

- Siddharth

Link to Business Standard article (will become subscriber only soon):


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