Jul 22, 2009

Hot, Humid and Horrible - Delhi 6/7/8/9...

About 2.5 months in Delhi, I am still looking at the skies. I am missing my MONSOON!

We folks from Mumbai have a habit of clouds pouring rains. In Delhi however, the clouds are more playful. They play hide and seek a lot. Of course they are also
extremely conscious about stealing the thunder away from the mighty Sun.

So, being as polite as they are, they prefer to come together, make people feel that it is going to rain and then disappear.

By the way, the weather forecast accuracy is at its best. Whenever forecast says it is going to rain, it becomes very cloudy and humid.

What? You say how is it accurate?....Well earlier when rains were forecast it used to be sunny. So, statistically speaking, it is 50% improvement over earlier forecasts.

More on Delhi soon...

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