Jul 21, 2009

Lords of the Ashes (for the time being, at least)

Oh yeah! Now the Aussie media is disappointed with the umpiring at Ashes. Sure they would be disappointed because Koertzen was not Benson and Doctrove was not trained by Bucknor.

Remember how Benson relied on Ponting deciding on his behalf back when India visited Australia - what's so different when Koertzen decides by himself and does not rely on 3rd umpire...or Strauss for the matter of equivalence.

Of course, if it had not been for Rudi and Billy, Aussies would have one by an innings and 700 runs, so fine was their performance.

Flintoff, Collingwood, Anderson, Broad were just there admiring the Lords and the press box. They never did anything worthwhile in the last 5 days.

Aussie team's prime strategists forget how things change once in a while. Accept that your team is not the same without Gilly, McGrath and Warne.

Ones own medicine does taste bitter sometimes, right mate?

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ashutosh said...

I fully agree, as i would assume that all the indians would. why doesnt the aussies & ponting (especially) take it in the spirit of the game. I guess thats what ponting commented on when england drew the match at Cardiff.

Aniket said...

Haa haa :))

Sacchai is always bitter anyways ! And esp when u face it from the losing side ... what goes around certainly comes around !!!

Siddharth said...


thanks for your comments.

such things keep happening :)


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