Sep 8, 2008

Term 3 at PGPX begins

The third terms been an amazing journey so far. Fantastic electives - fantastic faculty and a worldview of things. As we all see it the view is gaining altitude. We started with nitty-gritty in term 1(Official name was Building Blocks which it was).

Term 2 took us higher up. Expected us application and thought.

Term 3 has been whoa - we got to see what CEO's do. "Why" was the critical question so far. Why this? Why that? And in some cases "How".

But now all W's - why, when , where, what and of course how comes in. Scenario's become more and more complex. Quite amazing. It has been quite hectic but we are used to it now :)

Back to tomorrow's reading.

- Siddharth Garud

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