Aug 1, 2009

I hate you Mr. Foodie - Kunal Vijayakar!!!!

Dear Kunal,

Do you know what someone forced to live away from family craves for most? GHAR KA KHAANA!!! Just as I am missing Mumbaicha Paaus, I am also missing mere ghar ka khaana.

And you, in the meanwhile, are running the best show on TimesNow....The Foodie!!!

When I make do with MAggi or Bread are there on TV at lunchtime munching away some of the most delicious recipes invented by mankind.

My TV turns on automatically and the remote changes the channel to TimesNow...and lo and behold! You munch away those delicious known or exotic items and all I can do is get jealous of you!

By the way, your show is amazing. Week after week, you show some massively amazing grub. For food enthusiasts like me, these shows are the ultimate entertainment. Also, IMHO, it steals the thunder away from every other show on all news channels :)

Keep eating you foodie no. 1 and showing us what you eat (and how it is made...tum kya samjhe main kaam ki cheez bhool jaunga).


P.S. - Being a veggie, I manage to control my anger when you feast on non-veg stuff.


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Oh did you miss the show on TV, check this link...

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