Oct 29, 2009

WSJ reports taxi disputes in Aamchi Mumbai

WSJ is reporting how old cabbies are trying to block newcomers.

I wonder why this focus on cabs in Mumbai?

I know for sure Meru Cabs offers very good service but I don't have big problems with old cabbies either. You get them everywhere, mostly they are reasonable and go by the tariff card. They are certainly threatened by the new nice cabs...but as far as I remember there were also "Cool Cabs" of Premier Padmini as well. While they still made you feel the exact texture (is that the word?) of the road, yet they did offer air-conditioning.

As is true with everything else, old has to give way to new and resistance is... not just limited to electrical circuits.


Paddy Killimangalam said...

Hey...I was also gonna write about this:) And I fully echo your thoughts. I think even Meru will be displaced by newer developments such as Airport Metro Line in Delhi or better parking facilities at airports..

Siddharth said...

@Paddy - I will be definitely interested in reading your thoughts. Yeah...metro line is one thing but the last mile transport is still a painful experience in Delhi. Meters and tariff cards are non existent here.


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