Dec 10, 2010

Indian TV - Turning gold into rubbish!

What is wrong with our TV? These channels are making a mess of simple things. The ad-breaks in a movie channel are longer than the actual movie segments.

Ads encroach and actually gobble up bowled balls in cricket.

The serials....the less said the better!

News show clips of serials as news items.

TV no longer holds itself as a primary source of entertainment. Internet, where available, gives total control on what I see/read/hear. Will TV morph into something else? Or will it have to fight for its survival when internet becomes ubiquitous? Time will tell.


Lovlesh Chhabra said...

TV is now turning into a real IDIOT BOX... some visionary called that name for TV decades ago... but now we are seeing it happen

Siddharth said...

Agree Lovlesh. It is indeed an idiot box.


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