May 6, 2011

"81% Fail" Education Quality

I have been away from the blog so long. I had the temptation to write something on the World Cup victory but by the time I woke on the next day, there were 200 good blogs already. So I only forwarded, tweeted and facebooked the links!

Anyway, so I read in Times of India yesterday that 81% of Engg. students failed in their first year. 81%!!!

1st Year students trip at first hurdle

The result tells me that 81% of the top of top students, by any means in the top 10% of their HSC / +2 and Engg. entrance cannot clear the first year?! As most would shrug and say, "They don't make any good students these days. They are paying attention somewhere else. Interested in movies and music and friends and TV. And yes mobiles are a distraction."

How convenient. Are you saying 30 years ago people did not have friends or were not interested in movies? Whom are you kidding!

If anything, this is a reflection on the kind of clumsy infrastructure we have built for the generations that are supposed to take care of our nation's future. The education, the much neglected education system and the rotten teaching quality MUST TAKE THEIR SHARE.

Ha ha! Who am I to decry this system? What do I know of the system. Just the little bits and pieces appearing  in our untrustworthy media. Would you not say that? I know sure.

Ok agreed. I am not an expert. So here is what the Economist has found out about our fabulous education system.Click on the link below and out of the drop-box click on Compulsory Education and University Education.

EIU's Global Talent Index - The graphic is fantastic yet a brutal and sad truth on how messed up our priorities are.

 In Compulsory Education (It should be more like Compulsory??!! Education) - In 2011, we are ranked 58th out of 60 countries. In 2015, we are still 58th! Ahead of Nigeria and Pakistan.

In University Education - In 2011, India is 56th out of 62 countries. In 2015, we are projected to move one step ahead to 55.

One of the criteria is expenditure per student for higher education (as % of GDP per capita). That it gives such a low figure tells us how sadly we are being outpaced by most our peers. The problem is that you and I can debate endlessly and write such articles. The powers that be continue to look in the other direction.

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