Oct 3, 2011

Impressive MCGM Service

No, it is not sarcasm nor is it a critical take.

Recently, we had to run to the Mumbai Municipal Corporation for a couple of transactions. By process, due to involvement of third party, it was a time consuming process.

In addition, We expected slow service and apathy from MCGM. We were wrong, dead wrong.While the third party, a leading bank, was sticking to the stated timelines, MCGM was better in almost everything that made our task easy.

From helping us write a requisition letter to redirecting us to the right people to getting the necessary work done - we saw fantastic service everywhere. The officers were all helpful. Not just helpful, but courteous and helpful. Now that goes a long way for people who generally avoid Govt. offices. And without any corruption or even hint of that.

This was the Kandivali West Ward Office. I decided to put this on blog. It takes us one event to criticize these offices which are perpetually overloaded with work and unbelievably understaffed. Look at Mumbai MCGM and compare its employee to population ratio to that of any Western country and you will realize how overloaded these people are. For profit organizations of any industry will give anything to learn how to achieve such utilization ratios.

The main reason I am blogging this is that while we are quite generous to ourselves when we criticize organizations like MCGM, praise for them comes very very rarely. I wanted to tell this example to point out the change. Can they improve? YEs of course. Are they trying? I am sure they are.

Considering their pressures and conditions, I had a great service experience from them.

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