Sep 28, 2013

Book Review - The Hounourable Schoolboy

Another densely written novel from John Le Carre, another treat to read and another heart wrenching story of a vocation made glamorous by the likes of James Bond, Ethan Hunt and others.

The schoolboy Jerry does go miles to create ruffles and surprise negations of the higher plots and he does takes thick in the jungles of far east. This book is once again a trademark John Le Carre, where the machinations of the powers that are are displayed shamelessly and quite caustically.

Smiley has returned as the head of intelligence. His task cut out to create a bridge with the Cousins or the CIA. His old fashioned investigators Connie and Di Salis find a clue in far east. Smiley decides to lure out a Karla operative out of China.

Much like he got out Haydon, there is a definite similarity here. The only difference is Jerry is far too audacious to toe the line like say a Guillam or a Esterhase for that matter. The story wades through various locations, takes us places with opium traders, rogue pilots and others.

Folks who have read Tinker Tailor, will find this reading equally demanding and worth while. And oh what a brilliant movie this would make.

As someone who loves Forsyth, for I started with his masterpieces early in my teens, the climax is far too often heartbreaking in the case Le Carre. I will still accept his writings and continue to read them for that's what makes the man different from others.

Now on to Smiley's People! Need to finish that before the movie is out.

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Lalitabh Shrivastawa said...

Dunno if you are aware, but a sequel is very much on the cards. So a Hoorah for that. And BTW, I for one found Le Carre's writing style, how to put it, too verbose and unnecessarily descriptive. At least, he is too observant for my liking.
So for once, I will prefer the movie rather than the book.


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