Jul 24, 2014

Ultimate sacrifice -Did Mumbai deserve it?

Why did the man lay down his life? What must have been his thoughts when he knew end was near? It wasn't sudden, that I am sure.  The man remained there with his team.

He probably stayed back to allow someone else live and see another day. The fireman who died knew the end was coming.

But as a city did we deserve his ultimate sacrifice. He did not because that was the only way someone else could live. He did not die because there was nothing else possible. He did not die because his city, his country had tried its best possible yet nature's fury was so fierce that fateful day that nothing else could have happened. No!

The man opted for his dangerous job because he thought all this is something his city, his nation would do.

He died because this city, we all, shortchanged him. Totally, completely,  absolutely.

The Mumbai city, famous for the Mumbai spirit, contributed by giving the permission to the building, not inspecting it from time to time, cheering by allowing sale of space there.

The spirited folks occupying the offices contributed by displaying exemplary foresight in letting things be, fire extinguishers be damned.

And who inspects a 20+ storeyed building when you can just sign off clearances on the ground floor over cup of tea.

If there is something called soul in us all, just feel sorry for the man who died for us. He died in vain for nothing is going to change here. We will continue to live with our famous Mumbai spirit.

Just remember that one day there will be an equally spirited someone refusing to die for you.


Milind Makwana said...

Short and crisp article touching the right emotional chord.
Hope We all realize the prize which we are paying and make amendments right away.

Aniket De said...

Aptly worded the irony of so called "Mumbai Spirit" ... We must realise we are conveniently hiding our insensitivity under sweet name of this spirit... Or should I say evil spirit... Thanks Vinay for giving stimulus to our dead souls... Keep writing ... !!!

Siddharth Garud said...

Thanks Milind and Aniket for your comments. Individual sensitivity can bring about best change.

Prabodh Dhawale said...

"Mumbai Spirit" is a sleeping volcano! Dormant for sure, but not dead! The day it will erupt, it will wipe out, but what? No one knows! God bless Mumbaikars and their spirit!


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