Sep 8, 2009

True Story of the Jet-i !

Question - What's the difference between Delhi Autowalla and Jet Pilots?
Answer - Delhi Autowallas are healthier than Jet Pilots!


Unconfirmed sources predict "Jet Airways' pilots may be awarded the preventive healthcare award for protecting passengers from possible contagious infections on 130+ flights in September 2009. Selfless pilots give up a day's work to ensure the passengers do not get sick or unwell because of pilots' state of health."


More unconfirmed sources analyse today's strike as Jet Airway's effort to help Air India's revival by diverting passengers to AI.


Reports - Economic times report

NDTV Article


Anonymous said...

Jet Pilots are well-paid and there has been no salary cut for them, whilst the rest of the emloyees in Jet face a cut in their salaries....and it's said that 'Delhi Autowallas are healthier than Jet Pilots!'?????? I wonder what the Jet Pilots do with their hefty salaries!!

Siddharth said...

Dear Anonymous,

The post was in jest. I was comparing Jet pilot's "sick" leave to the plain vanilla strike by Autowallas. (Check this article

Paddy Killimangalam said...

Hahaha! Well said:)

Loved Ever said...

If it is written in jest but it is true that Jet pilot,staff are well paid. I agree the post.
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