Jun 16, 2009

Cricket and Spirit

India is out of T20. Our all knowing media is analysing how things went wrong.

I am also sad that our team has lost. But what has surprised me most was the spirited crowd that has turned up at Trent Bridge for our game with South Africa.

It is so good to know that people are with you when you are down. I am sure our team must be feeling wonderful because of that.

The people who protest on matters as trivial as cricket and cinema should take a leaf out of this crowd.

Some may say that they are there because of the money they had already spent on the tickets. Sure, that may be true. But what explains the fun they have on the stadium? The flag waving, cheer on every ball?

We as a nation needs to be like that tolerant on matters of trivia and strict on matters like discipline and hard work.

- Siddharth

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