Jun 10, 2009

Thank You DoorDarshan!

Now somewhat settled in Delhi, I have the time to see TV in the evening.

Well, the new and wonderful Indian Media is at it again...eminently led by TimesNow this time.

On 10th June 2009, TimesNow spends a good 30 minutes of prime TV time on the Dhoni Sehwag affair and how they did not manage the media properly. Really! Now I was thinking these guys are to play cricket for India.

Wait...there TimesNow almost succeeded in making my write on it more than what it deserves.

There were following items which, as a fact, deserved more attention than this trivia -
1. We lost our IAF officers in an accident.

2. Indian student issues in Oz.

3. The 26/11 hearing (although there too we have become perfect hosts to the unwanted guests)

4. So many others

I switched the channel to move to these and more serious issues...

And then there was Rajdeep Sardesai of CNN IBN....
He has a Union Minister on panel. His question lasts for 2 mins...
"Will you do this if that had not happened on that day...so if you say this is what you would do on that since that had happened that day...but then now that that has happened on that day and this is what you plan to do...."

God know's how anyone can make any sense out of that ...yet the brave minister is making an attempt..."Rajdeep Rajdeep...see try to understand!"

Rajdeep interjects in between..." We have run out of time. Thank you for your time"

What! What is wrong with you? Why call the minister who is busy working for a billion lives when all you are going to do is blabber something in the microphone till you run out of time?

That brings me to the title...Completely overwhelmed by the mighty journalists on the above 2 top news channels....I stumbled upon our good old DD.

I was seeing DD National coverage(Fourth Umpire) before today's match. The host(sorry I don't know his name), in a nice pink shirt and a coat that looked like the one I wore on my wedding reception, was TALKING SENSE. Following were his thoughts...

1. Why the fuss by media?

2. Why does the Indian media not support the team even if the team is a bit cold? Don't we expect our family to support and understand us when we are in stress?

3. Viru was injured in the last 20-20 world cup's final and we had won it!

4. Why does the media not respect team strategy and believe in what Dhoni says (even if it is not true, he may want to confuse others...what's wrong in that!)

Dead right on all counts. I actually felt he was someone who spoke like Richie Benaud or Harsha Bhogle on TV. Sensible things and less of opinion more of prodding questions.

Thank you DD for keeping sense in these times of sensationalism. You just won a TV viewer back.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree wuth your say. The Indian media just acts crazy at situations and does not understand the importance of NEWS.

I my self have gone through similar situation. Yesterday (14/06/2009) i surfed the NEWS channels and they were more of sports chanells then a normal news channel. Each of them with their eminent judges or commentors had already made up their decission that India is going to win against England.

I somewhere feel we have spoilt our boys and given them more than what they deserve.


ashutosh said...

You have touched a very relevant issue through this write up of yours to honor Doordarshan. I agree, these days journalism has lost its true meaning to just becoming a petty game of TRP. This could be through sensationalizing wrong, inconsequential news or goofing up in a hurry to air the news on the channel. It’s been ages since I last saw something on Doordarshan, but I really miss those good old serials like Humlog, Buniyad, Ye Jo hai jindagi.



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