Jun 27, 2009

Michael Jackson - The legend will live on!

It must have been 1990 or so. My father was visiting Bangalore and had returned on a Sunday morning. He drew out sweets, Indrajal Comics and a cassette. The cassette had a white cover with "Bad" written on it and had a weird looking man with long curly hair making a really strange face. Dad said it is a cassette of "English Songs".

My brother used to dance like crazy on Tezaab's Ek-do-teen. I think my Dad must have bought the cassette for that reason. We had no clue what the fellow was singing except.."....M BAD M BAD ....". My brother went mad and kept dancing like for days and eventually for years. For me, that was my introduction to English music. I loved "Man in the mirror" and "The Way You make me feel".

My brother still practices moonwalk every day and says he needs to improve to reach Michal Jackson's level. Now that is what legacy is all about. May MJ's soul rest in peace.

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ashutosh said...

surely MJ is a legend. i recollect all what u narrated about dad bringing that cassette. & m still stuck at "m bad m bad".
His music is great but his dancing is out of this world. "No one can move like MJ".
M sure many famous professional dancers today owe their success to MJ


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